My background is in experimental psychology with a focus on computational modelling and behavioural experiments. After completing my PhD at Cardiff University with Ulrike Hahn, Simon Rushton and Paul Warren, I took up a post-doc at Bristol University. At Bristol I was part of a large interdisciplinary research group on decision-making, working primarily with Iain Gilchrist and Casimir Ludwig with a focus on low-level decision-making. Here, I picked up fMRI and state-of-the-art eye-tracking methods and broadened my modelling to include stochastic accumulator models. I left Bristol to take up a British Academy Fellowship at Oxford University, where I continued to expand modeling- (e.g., reinforcement learning) and fMRI analyses skills (multivariate approaches, including classification and representational similarity analysis). 


2018-present        Lecturer (US: Assistant Professor)
                                  City, University of London.

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
    University of Oxford, UK.
        Research Associate
            University of Bristol, UK.


2012 PhD Psychology (No corrections), Title: The optimality of perception and cognition. Cardiff University, UK.

2008     MSc Social Science Research Methods (Distinction), Cardiff University, UK.

2007 BA Psychology (First-Class Honours), Cardiff University, UK.

Grants & Awards

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship (~£300 000):
    Decision-making across domains (D-MAD)
British Psychological Society's national Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research Contributions to Psychology 2013

Elisabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research (co-written; formally post-doc). Adaptive nudge to optimise decision-making in the intensive care unit (£18 757). 

School of Psychology Haydn Ellis Award (Cardiff) for outstanding dissertation (Best PhD).

2007 Best Final Year Research Project (conjunction fallacy).

  British Psychological Society’s Cardiff University Dissertation Prize (optic flow).

  British Psychological Society’s Cardiff University Undergraduate Award (highest overall degree mark).