I'm Andreas Jarvstad a Senior Lecturer (US Assoc. Prof.) at City, University of London, where I run the TheLab@City. At TheLab, we study human learning and decision-making, using behavioural and computational approaches, often in combination with measures of neural activity.

After a COVID lull devoted to teaching, we are back in full swing. Our current research is focussed on exploring the aspects of the human mind and brain that are commonly thought of as inflexible or rigid. That is, we explore the limits of the adaptability of the human mind.

We, for example, probe the mechanisms behind the recently discovered human ability to adapt value learning mechanisms (so as to learn sufficient and necessary value representations for appropriate action). Another example is our work on cognitive training to improve human risky-choice.


Originally from Sweden, my academic background is in experimental psychology with a focus on computational modelling and behavioural experiments. After completing my PhD at Cardiff University, I took up a post-doc at Bristol University where I learnt fMRI and advanced eye-tracking. I left to take up a British Academy Fellowship at Oxford University, where I continued to expand modeling and analyses skills (reinforcement-learning, multivariate approaches), after which I joined the Faculty at City.

When I'm not working, I like hanging out with my family & the great outdoors ...

News (since May 2022)

Our paper on adaptive tuning of value learning is out - grab a preview here

Will be filled with more exciting post-pandemic news as it comes in ...